Your gender, body parts, sexual preferences and identity are welcome here.

When it comes to an understanding of sexual and gender identities, the generational divide is real. We are navigating generational specific challenges of yesterday and learning how to apply them to today’s generation & their sexual education. So everyone can be comfortable with sexual practices or identities not widely known or understood, we help to sort out the confusion. We believe that we must embrace that sex is a natural human experience, meant to be pleasurable and practiced alone or with a consenting partner.


VibePlanet is informational resource where we share insights and talk about sexual health, wellbeing, self-love, relationships, and much more. It was founded by two moms in California inspired to promote accurate science-backed info to change the narrative for sexual confidence. Built to inspire, guide, support and connect womxn to own and rediscover pleasure.

Let us support your journey through rediscovery and self acceptance.


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