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Heading home for the holidays can be draining. Sensitive conversations about sex, gender, and sexuality.

  • Mature Woman
    Mature Woman

    10 Benefits Maturity Brings to a Healthy, Romantic, Supportive Relationship

    Do you consider yourself a mature person? What, according to you, is maturity? While we believe that maturity is not measured by age, it is...

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  • How to Relieve Period Bloating
    How to Relieve Period Bloating

    How to Relieve Period Bloating

    Easily one of the most undesirable traits of menses is bloating. It comes at the absolute worst times, like when you’re squeezing into a tight...

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  • Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance
    Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance

    Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance

    Hormonal imbalance is one challenge that often plagues vulva-havers. Many people assigned female at birth have to deal with this particular challenge, especially as they...

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  • How to Keep Your Relationship Alive
    How to Keep Your Relationship Alive

    Expert Tips on How to Keep Your Relationship Alive and Passionate

    Stuck in a rut where your relationship is concerned? If the desire and the magic have run their course and if you feel like your...

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  • What is squirting
    What is squirting

    What Is Squirting and Why Is It Important

    What Is Squirting? While conversations around the female body and sex have grown over time, there are still several questions about female ejaculation and female...

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  • Erogenous Zone
    Erogenous Zone

    What Are Erogenous Zones?

    The idea of experiencing erotic feelings is closely associated with the genitalia. However, people experience erotic sensations on parts of their bodies located quite a...

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  • Importance of clitoral stimulation
    Importance of clitoral stimulation

    Clitoris Stimulation & Sexual Pleasure

    When it comes to sexual pleasure and fulfillment, the clitoris is undoubtedly a major deal. In fact, it's actually the only organ in the entire...

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  • Menopause

    Sex drive and menopause

    Most middle-aged adults describe sex as a fundamental aspect of their growth and existence. In Maslow's Hierarchy Paradigm, sex is a physiological need that must...

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  • Casual Sex Following a Divorce or Long Relationship

    Have you recently separated or divorced from your long-term partner? Divorce after a long marriage or other end to a long term relationship can be...

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