Everything You Need to Know About Nude Photography

by VibePlanet editorial team
Feb 3, 2021

Have you ever considered taking a nude photograph? If the answer is no, it might be time to reconsider.

Nude photography is becoming a trend and is having some major, positive impacts on the women who are participating in it. For some, it is an expression of self-love, a way to not only accept, but celebrate their bodies. Others find it empowering. Many see it as a way to get in touch with their true selves.

But let’s go back to the basics. What is nude photography? 

We sat down with Igor Capibaribe of Nudefy Me to better understand the whys and the hows of nude photography.  The nude photography we are referring to is when one pays a professional photographer to take nude pictures of them for artistic purposes. The important thing to remember here is that the women are having these pictures taken for themselves. It is an expression of acceptance, empowerment, self-love, etc. 


Why would someone pay to have naked pictures taken of themselves?

Why would someone pay to have naked pictures taken of themselves?
by Igor Capibaribe, IG: @igorcapibaribe

This is a difficult question to answer, mainly because the reasons are personal and differ from one person to the next. Some do it simply as a way to celebrate themselves. Others may do it to document their bodies before and/or after a major change, like surgery. Some women will have them done after giving birth. Others have had them done after accidents. Many women will have them done after a divorce.

The specific reason for doing a nude photo session may vary, but the common idea seems to be that it is freeing and it gives these women something they get to have for the rest of their lives. 

Who models for these photographs?

Who models for these photographs?
by Igor Capibaribe, IG: @igorcapibaribe

Believe it or not, women from all walks of life pose for nude photos. Mothers, doctors, business owners, people you pass by on the street. People of all different age groups, body types, races, etc. have reached out to professionals to have their pictures taken. 

What can I expect from my first nude photoshoot?

What can I expect from my first nude photoshoot?
by Igor Capibaribe, IG: @igorcapibaribe

It would be lying to say that someone is going to walk in and feel entirely comfortable during their first nude photoshoot. More than likely, there will be a little bit of awkwardness.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the people who take these pictures are professionals and they are there for you. Be honest with them and let them know when you are uncomfortable, or if you have questions, or if there is something that you have in mind. One of the easiest ways to get over that initial awkwardness hurtle is just communication. Talk with your photographer, see what they have in mind, and get an idea of what you’re in for.

Also, remember to have fun! While there may be a bit of awkwardness at first, these shoots are ultimately supposed to be an exciting, enjoyable experience for you. 

Igor’s Tips for a nude photoshoot

It can be good to know what to expect before you begin your nude photography journey, so here are some tips:

Get an idea of your limits

Get an idea of your limits
by Igor Capibaribe, IG: @igorcapibaribe

While there will be times when you aren’t sure if you will be comfortable with something until you do it, it doesn’t hurt to think about if you have any hard limits. For example, are you comfortable taking pictures outside? Sometimes the best way to decide what you want is to start with what you know you don’t.

Do some research before meeting your photographernude photo

You will likely feel more comfortable if you have a better understanding of what nude photography might entail beforehand. This can also help you get a better grasp of what you are looking for, or it can give you ideas for poses/photos you might want to try.

Talk to your photographer

Talk to your photographer
by Igor Capibaribe, IG: @igorcapibaribe

Your photographer is going to want to discuss things with you beforehand, such as their ideas, your ideas, and what you are comfortable with. Communication is also key during the photoshoot. Let your photographer know if something makes you uncomfortable.

A great example is whether or not you are comfortable with your photographer touching you. They might need to move your hair a certain way, or position you a certain way. Your photographer should ask for permission to touch you beforehand, but if they do not and it makes you uncomfortable, let them know. 

Wear loose, comfy clothes before the shoot

Tight clothes often leave impressions on the skin, so wearing something comfortable and loose on your way to the shoot is a good idea.

Bring a wrap

The lack of clothes might make the shoot a little chilly, so it’s a good idea to bring a wrap, or something similar, to help keep you warm, especially if you or your photographer wants to try multiple sets.

Be open to trying different styles

by Art Kevorkov, IG: @be__the__art

Your photographer will likely encourage this as well, but the shoot doesn’t just have to be one style. Color might get you some breathtaking photos, but so can black and white, or other styles. While it is a good idea to know what you are looking for before the shoot, don’t be afraid to try something else as well.

Most importantly, have fun! 

Nude photography is a bold expression of one’s body and oneself, and many women who have tried it have talked about how freeing and empowering the experience was. If a nude photo session is something that you’re even slightly curious about, look into it. Do some research, talk with a photographer and see if it’s something worthwhile for you.

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