Finding Love During the Pandemic

by Sarah Vulpio

Sarah Vulpio is a Chicago-based artist and writer. Her work has appeared in Points in Case, Little Old Lady, and Cosmopolitan. She is a content creator for Fitz Games, an original comedy-based card game. She is currently working on her first book, set to be released in late 2021.

Feb 27, 2021

They say, “love is in the air,” but unfortunately, the air is pretty toxic right now. 

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re searching for love, or at the very least, a partner. I also assume you’re well aware of the state of the world right now (not great). 

Dating during coronavirus is, for lack of a better word, terrible. Finding the right person is tough, pandemic or no pandemic, but it’s not impossible. 

How to Find Love in the Midst of a Pandemic

Despite what you may think, there are plenty of ways to find someone special in this new way of life, but to do so, you need a positive attitude, patience, and an open mind.

5 Beliefs Holding You Back from Successful Quarantine Dating

  • “I’ll never meet someone if I’m stuck inside.” 
  • “I don’t want to use dating apps. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about them.”
  • “It’s not even safe to go anywhere right now.”
  • “What if I meet someone and they’re not comfortable meeting up?”
  • If I do connect with someone, I’m scared of being intimate because of the risks.”

These are all valid concerns, but don’t let them stop you from finding the love you want. I had similar beliefs and still managed to snag a man (not to brag). The point is, finding someone special during a global pandemic is possible.

The Challenges of Dating During a Pandemic

The Challenges of Dating During a Pandemic

Despite what you may think, pandemic dates aren’t that bad. Sure, there are a few obstacles, but there’s no reason you can’t find the love you want.

Of course, safety is a huge issue, but there are ways to help you and your date feel safe and comfortable. 

One option is meeting at a place outside (if you live somewhere that isn’t below zero). It’s safer than an inside venue, plus you get your daily dose of vitamin D, a fun little bonus. If you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or tennis, here’s a chance to see if you two share a similar lifestyle. 

For those who aren’t really the outdoorsy type, have a picnic at your local park or dinner at a restaurant where you can sit outside. 

If you aren’t able to go outside, most bars and restaurants have lowered their capacities to keep risks low. If bars aren’t your jam, you can check out local events in your area. Many venues also have limited capacity, so you can enjoy your date without worrying about someone coughing on you. 

If you’re still uncertain about meeting in person, ask if your date is comfortable getting tested before your meetup. It’s not “sexy,” but it is responsible, and can put you at ease so you can enjoy your date (unless you’re not into them, but at least you won’t get sick). 

Obviously, sitting six feet apart and wearing a mask during a date isn’t super romantic, but if you’re still worried about your safety, give virtual dating a try. 


COVID Dating: Taking Advantage of the Situation

COVID Dating: Taking Advantage of the Situation

Virtual dates aren’t ideal, but think of it like this: you don’t have to leave the house. No worrying about how your breath smells or running into anyone you know. Plus, If you hate getting dressed up to go out, you don’t have to. If you wanna be comfortable and wear pajama pants, you totally can! They’re only gonna see you from the waist up anyway (unless you’re a full-body gal). 

If you’re still aren’t sold on virtual dates, think about this: 

How many dates have you gone on a date and faked an excuse to leave? I’m sure we all have at least once or twice; but if you do stay until the end of the date and feel an unwanted kiss coming on, use COVID to your advantage:

  • Tell your date you aren’t comfortable being intimate with someone until you know how safe they’re being (maybe in a nicer, less accusatory way).
  • Put or keep your mask on during your goodbyes. They’ll get the idea, trust me (it’s worked for me plenty of times). 

Whichever tactic you use, they should get the hint. Sometimes, the pandemic can be your friend. Who knew?

Dating Apps and Portals

Dating Apps and Portals

As someone who’s used several dating apps during my adult life, I know the stereotypes that come with them. They’re superficial, most people are just looking to hook up, and they don’t guarantee the person is telling the truth about who they are (what the kids call a “catfish”). 

Some apps don’t provide much information other than a user’s photo. If you’re looking for more than that, there are plenty of other apps and portals that provide more extensive bios. Take your time going through someone’s profile. There’s no reason to rush love. 

Make sure you’re upfront about what you’re looking for to weed out those who don’t want the same thing.

If you’re worried someone might be lying about who they are, set up a FaceTime or Zoom date to make sure they match the photos on their profile. You don’t wanna find out the person you’ve been talking to is actually 20 years older and missing several teeth (again, maybe you’re into someone who’s all gums, but that’s not my business).

With so many options and so little time to get to know them all, it can be very overwhelming; however, with time and patience, you might just find the love you want

Online Groups

Two years ago, Facebook rolled out a new form of online dating by creating Facebook Dating, an app designed to help connect singles looking for a relationship. Much like other dating apps, Facebook Dating attempts to match like-minded people in their area. In my opinion (if you’d like it), it’s one of the best ways to find a partner online.

What makes Facebook Dating unique is its events and groups feature. Here, you can find other members in groups you’re a part of and events you’re planning to attend. This not only narrows your search, but gives you a better idea of what a person likes.

If you’re adventurous and up for a larger dating pool, you can join Facebook dating groups, like “Facebook Singles,” with a total of nearly 94K members. It can be a bit intimidating, but you can browse their profile (if it isn’t private), to get more information about them, which is typically limited on other sites/apps.

I know dating in this “new normal” isn’t easy or fun, but it’s worth the extra effort. The day will come where we’re able to go out again and reconnect with the world, but until then, let yourself out of your comfort zone and go find your person.

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