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A healthy relationship occurs when partners meet their own needs and find meaningful interactions with their partner. They get the physical, emotional, and social benefits of these interactions and achieve some or all of their relationship goals without accepting too many relationship problems.

What things make a good relationship?

A good relationship helps both partners feel safe and loved and includes the following patterns:

• Good communication
• Sexual compatibility and regeneration
• Trust
• Staying together and solving problems.


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romantic relationship
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Adults can form bonds of different types ranging from monogamous relationships to polyamorous relationships that include three or more people. You might find a platonic relationship that is only friendship or an intimate relationship with a sexual component. Watch for signs of an abusive or topix relationship. Don’t let others take advantage of you, especially your relatives and close friends. You might be lucky enough to find one long-term relationship that leads to love, marriage, kids, pets, and financial stability. You might have to search your whole life for the right partner or partners. You can learn from each experience about your emotional needs and what you desire in the next partner.

What are the most important things in a relationship?

To form a good relationship with a new partner, consider these indicators of compatibility:
• Good communication
• Sexual chemistry that’s sustainable over time
• Proven ability to resolve conflicts
• Emotional connection
• Friendship
• Maintaining separate interests and friendships


To sustain a romantic relationship, invest in your partner. Give them enough love and attention each day and consistently show your respect and interest in their company. Don’t just make time to work on the partnership when a crisis occurs.

Try these tips for maintaining the ongoing emotional support you both deserve:

• Create healthy boundaries
• Offer emotional support
• Teach your partner about your wants and needs
• Communicate respectfully whenever possible
• Spend time alone and with friends and relatives
• Plan activities and vacations together
• Listen when your partner has a problem
• Work on problems in the relationship
• Don’t be too busy or neglect your partner

Strengthening Your Bond

If you want an intimate connection to remain healthy, brainstorm how to spend time together. Plan a few times each week to be face-to-face and focus on each other. Activities can include relaxing, exercising, traveling, entertainment, worshipping, socializing, doing chores, or improving your home. It’s fun to do things that matter to you both.

Addressing Imbalances

If you’re feeling an imbalance with your significant other, find ways to correct it. Over time, an imbalance might cause a relationship to fail. Help yourself stay balanced by meeting your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual desires. Don’t expect an intimate partner to complete you. Love yourself.

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