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Heading home for the holidays can be draining. Sensitive conversations about sex, gender, and sexuality.

  • How to Relieve Period Bloating
    How to Relieve Period Bloating

    How to Relieve Period Bloating

    Easily one of the most undesirable traits of menses is bloating. It comes at the absolute worst times, like when you’re squeezing into a tight...

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  • Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance
    Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance

    Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance

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    Complex carbs for hormone and period health

    Benefits of complex carbohydrates for reproduction, hormone, and period health

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  • Menopause

    Sex drive and menopause

    Most middle-aged adults describe sex as a fundamental aspect of their growth and existence. In Maslow's Hierarchy Paradigm, sex is a physiological need that must...

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What Is Sexual Health?

Sexual health definition can vary depending on the individual. Contrary to popular belief, sexual health is more than a healthy reproductive system. It is your physical, mental, and social wellness in relation to your sexuality. The term sexuality is a broad term that encompasses sexual orientation, gender, sex, intimacy, reproduction, to mention a few.


You might also wonder “What is a sexually healthy person?” It’s a person that makes informed sexual decisions based on what is healthy for them physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. However, being sexually healthy goes beyond the individual. It includes being aware of other people’s sexuality and respecting them. Taking care of your sexual and reproductive health ensures that you make the right sexual decisions.

Female Sexual Health

Sex is a vital and natural part of every woman’s life. When it comes to vulva havers sexual health, understanding the body is important. Sometimes, you may confuse your desires with arousal. For female sexual health to thrive, a harmony between hormones, sex organs, the brain, and the body is essential. When there’s an imbalance between any of the influencers, enjoying sexual activity may be difficult. For some, sexual satisfaction is a physical desire, but for some, sex is a way to express emotion. When a partner is involved, it becomes essential to have conversations about sex to help improve the experience. This means understanding what works for you is critical. Contraception is also an essential part of women’s sexual health. Having access to contraception helps prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Male Sexual Health

Sex is an integral part of every person’s life. Most begin to think about sex as a kid and may continue long throughout their lives. Having sex can be both for reproductive needs and for pleasure. As a man, taking care of your sexual health can help you enjoy sex better. For optimal male sexual health, sexual desire, and a healthy body are essential. The drive is mainly influenced by libido. Due to illnesses, dysfunctions, and old age, a male’s sexual health may suffer. Fortunately, it’s possible to resolve some issues with sexual health education, treatment, and sometimes, therapy. Many companies also sell men’s sexual health vitamins, but there isn’t concrete evidence around their benefit. Resolving one’s outlook on sex and sexual health, exercising, reducing smoking, and losing weight help improve sexual desire and performance.

Why Is Sexual Health Important?

Sexual health is an integral part of everybody’s life. Studies show that having frequent and enjoyable sex can improve the health of your heart, reduce stress, and also make you happier. In relationships, having sex enhances intimacy. However, you can also choose not to have sex. The goal is to be aware of your sexual needs and sexual preferences and decide what is right for you.

How to Improve Sexual Health

How does one increase one’s sexual health? Start with eating a healthy meal for a healthy body. There are certain foods that increase reproductive health and improve sexual performance. Yoga for sexual health is also a great way to improve your intimate life. The exercise keeps tension away and exercises the body, which promotes sexual health. There are several vitamins for sexual health on the market, but there’s no assurance that they work.


Sexual health is an important part of a healthy individual. Take time to understand your sexuality and learn to enjoy sexual activity.

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