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Heading home for the holidays can be draining. Sensitive conversations about sex, gender, and sexuality.

  • Complex carbs for hormone and period health
    Complex carbs for hormone and period health

    Benefits of complex carbohydrates for reproduction, hormone, and period health

    From the Atkins diet to the recent popularity of Keto, we are brainwashed into thinking that eating carbs means instant weight gain. While overloading on...

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What is Reproductive Health?

One of the issues we become aware of as we transition from childhood into adulthood is our sexual and reproductive health. Much like other areas of life, understanding the functions of the reproductive system can help you make better choices during your life and deal with reproductive and sexual health issues.

Women’s Reproductive Health

Women’s reproductive health goes beyond having regular and satisfactory sex. It also includes having access to women’s reproductive healthcare, contraception, assistance with pregnancy, and overall care for the reproductive system. Female reproductive system is an extremely complex set of organs working together to support hormonal balance, menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth. There are certain foods for women’s reproductive health that are essential for optimal function of the reproductive system–for instance, foods with folic acid, vitamin B12, and omega-three fatty acids. However, having an overall healthy diet is the best way to ensure general sexual and reproductive health.

Male Reproductive Health

Several internal and external factors affect male reproductive health. Keeping a balance between social, mental, and physical health is the best way to ensure optimal reproductive function in men. While every person is different, there are similarities among all men. Understanding the features of the male reproductive system is an excellent place to start. For example, men who have reproductive issues can tell by the reaction of their externally placed reproductive organs. Erectile dysfunction, for instance, is a common problem among many men. It can or cannot be solved depending on the circumstances. Men also need contraceptives to prevent sexually transmitted infections, control pregnancy, and take charge of their reproductive health. How do men maintain reproductive health? Upholding a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and avoiding stress and smoking can boost reproductive health. It’s also important to screen for sexually transmitted diseases and visit the doctor in case of any issues.

What Is the Importance of Reproductive Health?

Reproductive health affects one’s control over diseases, reproduction, family planning, and in general, one’s life. Understanding reproductive health is, therefore, imperative.

What Are the Features of Reproductive Health?

The physical aspect of reproductive health involves having a healthy reproductive system, but mentally, it could mean the relationship between mental health and reproductive health. The social aspect is also important because it affects rights, autonomy, and healthcare services about reproductive health.

How Do You Improve Your Reproductive Health?

There are several ways to improve reproductive health. Physically, having access to good health care, eating well, exercising, and avoiding smoking and stress enhances reproductive health. Having access to knowledge and healthcare and making independent choices is also essential for reproductive health.

Having an awareness and understanding of one’s reproductive health system, being able to make choices, knowing the consequences of sex and related issues, and having rights can help one improve their reproductive health.

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